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When injustice runs rampant and you've already tried everything, there's only one pedal in your arsenal you can go to - the Justice Fuzz!  Specially designed to bring light to the darkness and make the wrong things right (especially poor tone).

Don't be deceived... One TINY little pedal, but one MASSIVE roar of pure vintage fuzz. Every pedal board has enough room for this little thing.  Heck, you could even put it ON another pedal or velcro it to the side of your board if you're so pressed for space.  It would work...


Three controls with a twist: volume, fuzz, and feedback controls.  Feedback?  Yeah, feedback.  Flip the toggle switch and the Justice Fuzz releases its full fury as the output is fed straight back into the input for an extra ridiculous feedback-laden fuzz!  Mess around with the feedback knob and change the tone of the feedback.  Or, use the volume control or your guitar's volume knob to get even more sounds.  Mix it like a DJ!  Our favorite setting is to crank the fuzz and volume on a humbucking neck pickup for one wild ride!  Try running this into an already overdriven tube amp for even more intensity.

Oh, and fuzz pedals often are pretty prideful and self-centered and like to be placed first in your chain right after your guitar and before any buffered pedals (this one's working on its issues) that's what we'd recommend, otherwise you might get some nasty complaining out of it!

Features & Tech

  • True Bypass
  • Die cast aluminum enclosure with a tough, shiny, sparkly powder coated finish.  Ooooh, pretty!  Pure white, inside and out.
  • CLIFF true bypass stomp switch
  • Neutrik 1/4" jacks
  • Military grade wiring
  • Rock-solid masked PC board
  • Low tolerance, highest quality electronics
  • Blinding white LED (We admit, we had to back off on the intensity a bit. Full strength was literally blinding in a darker room.)
  • Dimensions: 3 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"
  • Power: 9V DC center negative (standard Boss, etc.)

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