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Bolt down your amp and strap your guitar on tight – the Hurricane Overdrive will unleash full category 5 hurricane fury with any guitar setup! Based on the legendary TS808 Tubescreamer™ circuit, the Hurricane has everything the classic TS808 circuit did right, and leaves out everything it did wrong (if you want it to).

The Hurricane combines classic tone with next-generation circuitry for a clearer sound with less noise, a technological advancement never before seen in a rendition of this classic pedal.

With the Tubescreamer's mid-range hump, the Hurricane will give you that classic overdrive that's recognizable on tons of famous recordings.  Not a fan?  No problem – flip the Fat Boost switch to recover the missing low end and you'll have a much more transparent overdrive that takes this pedal beyond recognition of its vintage roots. If the sound has too much bite, roll the Tone knob forward which functions as a high-end roll off.

The clipping toggle offers three options: the first setting is the classic TS808 clipping; the opposite end is a lighter LED clipping with more power; and the middle setting is a huge boost that will release this storm's full fury, throwing any tube amp into a stormy disaster!

The Hurricane also has increased bass response that will sound just as good on bass as it will on guitar!  It's also housed in a smaller enclosure, allowing for more room on your pedal board and a weight savings of up to 20% over larger enclosures.

Additional Information:

  • Weight: 8.4 oz
  • Dimensions: 4.49 x 2.75 x 1.92 in
  • Power Requirement: 9V DC Center Negative
  • Switching: True Bypass
  • Jacks: Neutrik, 1/4"
  • LED: Blue
  • Finish: Durable powder coated
  • Wiring: Military grade point-to-point wiring

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