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You're unpacking gear from your truck for the biggest gig of your life, only to realize you forgot your entire pedal board nine states away!  Devastated, you setup for a sound check with only your guitar and amp, feeling bare, empty, and like you died a little on the inside.  You fire up the amp and strum a couple chords only to find that...your guitar sounds INCREDIBLE!!  What's going on??  Despite forgetting your super awesome 45-pedal pedalboard at home, you have incredible tone that you don't remember having in years!

It's the same scenario as if you were to run your guitar through 50 feet of cable before getting to your amp.  The signal gets weak, and you lose that glorious high end sparkle and those tight lows.  Think of the Glory Buffer as a jet engine you strap onto the back of your VW Bug.  Okay, maybe not quite like that - but you get the idea.  Put this baby in your signal chain and recover all that glorious tone you forgot you had.


You may be thinking that your setup doesn't suffer from this signal loss problem - and it's true, it may not.  If you have certain buffered pedals on your board, such as some Eventide Factor pedals (if the settings are configured correctly), depending on your placement they may do the trick.  Try running your guitar through your pedalboard with everything bypassed, then straight into your amp with a short cable.  Notice a difference?  If so, this is for you.

The problem can be particularly bad with certain "tone sucking" pedals, or with a board having multiple true bypass pedals.  If all of your true bypass pedals are bypassed, this equates to having just one long cable on your board that your signal runs through.

The biggest of rigs may benefit from having one of these at the front and end of your signal chain.

The Glory Buffer - for when you fire up your football field sized pedalboard.

Features & Tech

  • Die cast aluminum enclosure with a tough, shiny powder coated finish.  Ooooh, pretty!
  • Neutrik 1/4" jacks
  • Military grade wiring
  • Rock-solid masked PC board
  • Low tolerance, highest quality electronics
  • Blinding blue LED
  • Dimensions: 3 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"
  • Power: 9V DC center negative (standard Boss, etc.)

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