Throbak EQ Boost


Throbak Electronics (2007)

Ever wonder why so many clean boosts lack effective tonal controls? So did we! That is why ThroBak Electronics developed the EQ Boost. In our opinion effective tone controls are essential in a clean boost. Different amplifier and guitar combinations can either become drastically darker or brighter when the signal is boosted with a clean boost.

The EQ Boost makes sure your tone is where you want it when boosted. Not too fat and not too thin. Or you can make it as fat or as thin as you like. In keeping with our signature sound philosophy we give you the choice. The extended frequency tone control let you fine tune your clean boost or lead boost. With as much as 10+db of boost the EQ Boost can be tweaked to act as a treble boost to drive your amp harder. Or use it for just a touch of clean boost for leads. You can even use the EQ Boost as a subtractive volume control. If you like to run your amp at full bore and just want to cut the volume for rhythm parts but don't want the tonal changes that come with rolling your guitar volume pot back. Just set the EQ Boost level a bit lower and adjust the bass and treble to get the tone you want for rhythm work.

The EQ boost is a transistor based circuit assuring a completely natural, amp like boost with none of the processed artifacts that IC based circuits have. Ultra low noise and quiet switching help make the EQ Boost the ultimate in clean boosts.


  • Powder coated exterior.
  • Switchcraft Jacks.
  • Teflon wire.
  • Silver solder.
  • Level adjustment.
  • Extended frequency Bass and Treble controls.
  • Metal film resistors.
  • Mallory M-150 polyester Capacitors.
  • 9 volt power jack.
  • True bypass switch.
  • Power LED.
  • Compact pedal design.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

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