The Syle Velcro Fuzz


  • volume
  • tone
  • fuzz
  • feedback
  • crumple
  • crinkle
  • pull
  • push
  • smash (stomp)


The Syle

Disgusting fuzz that generates everything from octave(s) up/down hugeness to fizzy, hurling crakle to ring modulating madness! Extremely versatile controls and a super wide tone response. Heavy, loud, tearing, twirling, blatting & spitting.

This is not a clone or copy and is not based off of any other fuzz pedal. Customers have raved about the velcro fuzz's superior sound quality & options compared to most all other fuzz pedals on the market today... Including the fuzz gun, fuzz face, fuzz factory, fuzz-rite, flashback fuzz & many others. And at half the price of the competitions inferior products, you cant lose! You wanted the best, you got the best.

The hottest fuzz in the world.

The velcro.


  • Volume - adjusts output volume.
  • Fuzz - increases/decreases amount of fuzz (drive).
  • Tone - adjusts tonal quality from ultra hiss to mega-thunder.
  • Fdbk - bypassable feedback conrol for crazy octaving sounds.
  • Crumple - adds chunk to the sound.
  • Crinkle - smooths & buzzes out the sound.
  • Push - post gain control.
  • Pull - adjusts first transistor stage bias to shred your sound.
  • Mash switch - activates fdbk capacitor for crazy modulations and gating fx.

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