The Syle Umiom


The Syle

Heavy bottom end, even on the weakest guitars (jags, mustangs, etc)! Tone sweep designed to be ULTRA wide & SUPER customizable. HI & LOW switches intensely shift treble & bass response frequencies for tight heavy metal crunch or snarling classic rock chunk, bright shredding leads or screaming mid range. Bypassable noise gate to tighten your sound without losing sustain!


  • Volume - controls output volume level.
  • Impedance - varies input impedance for equal sound on ALL guitars.
  • Distortion - adjusts distortion intensity.
  • Frequency - sweeps ultra-wide tone range for perfect response.
  • Hi switch - treble frequency select switch.
  • Low switch - bass frequency select switch.
  • Gate switch - activates smoothing noise gate.
  • Mode switch - activates germanium rectifier & tightens sound.

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