The Syle Particle Distorter


The Syle

Growling thick shoe gazer distortion, bright snarling rock drive, tons of sound options! Selectable led or germanium rectifiers to add grit and crunch. Pre & post distortion chunks or smooths your sound with perfect sustain! Activating the mass switch turns the volume control into another gain stage and adds either a treble/lo-fi booster (to noise up your sound or add screaming or dull brightness!) or a clean signal/bass booster (to boost your signal level or thicken it with bulging bottom end!), pre & post tone controls to dial in the perfect sound! Bypassable feedback loop gives you subtle quacking envelopes, bumpy octaves and more!


  • Level - output volume.
  • Impedance - adjusts input impedance to achive the same sound on any guitar!
  • Distort - adjusts a pre-gain distortion intensity.
  • Fusion - sweeps input frequencies to fine tune overtones!
  • Fission - sweeps output frequencies for thick bass or screeching treble.
  • Gravity - adjusts second stage gain for big, crushing distortion.
  • Weight - lo-fi booster tone control.
  • Density - lo-fi booster output level.
  • Field - switches in and controls a feedback loop for cool octaves and effects
  • Purge - adjusts half wave rectification for crazy twisting tones.
  • Rectifier a switch - selects an led rectifier for gleaming sparkle drive.
  • Rectifier b switch - selects a germanium rectifier for smoother crunch.
  • Hi switch - shifts treble frequency response of fission control.
  • Low switch - shifts bass frequency response of fission control.
  • Mode - activates a noise gate to tighten your sound or chunk it up.
  • Filter stomp switch - selects between a clean signal or bass booster & a lo-fi treble booster.
  • Mass stomp switch - activates a lo-fi booster for crazy transistor radio & tape tones!

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