The Syle Fay-Gun Fuzz Deluxe


The Syle

The super deluxe version of the hard sought faygun fuzz!

This 6 transistor analog fuzz features a wide range tone control, bypassable analog lo-fi filter for tiny transistor radio simulation. True bypass switching and & dead silent operation! Bypassable feedback control for crazy sizzles, octaving & a billion more sounds! Fuzzy fried eggs to chunky thickened sludge, this fuzz does it all!


  • Level - controls output level.
  • Charge - adjusts input impedance to give identical sound response on all guitars.
  • Fuzz - adjusts fuzz intensity.
  • Frequency - sweeps output tone for bright hashing treble or thick furry bass -or both.
  • Mode - changes bias settings for tons of fuzzy sounds.
  • Stun - controls lo-fi filter output level.
  • Kill - adjusts lo-fi filter b output frequency.
  • Fdbk - bypassable feedback loop for crazy octaves and psycho fuzz tones.
  • Hi switch - toggles high frequency response for brighter treble.
  • Low switch - toggles mid frequency response to scoop and tighten.
  • Load switch - selects lo-fi mode from tubes-n-tape to pocket radio.
  • Lo-fi stomp switch - activates analog lo-fi filter.
  • Voltage - sweeps or bypasses low frequencies of lo-fi filter a.
  • Range - sweeps high frequencies of lo-fi filter a.
  • Purge - adjusts a half-wave rectifire for twists and snarls.

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