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The THD Quintet™ Tone Curve Pedal is a new and unique type of tone control designed to install into any electric guitar or bass with passive magnetic pickups. The Quintet uses no batteries, is 100% passive, and gives Five New Sounds from each of your existing pickup combinations. As with all THD products, they are handmade in the USA using the finest components available, and are 100% tested before shipping.

Unlike other stepped tone controls on the market (which just roll off the treble in steps), the Quintet changes the entire tonal response of your pickups, altering their bass, mid and treble resonances in dramatic and highly musical ways.

The Quintet passively couples to and interacts with the coils of your pickups, giving you tonal options you've never had before. You can make a Strat® pickup sound beefier or a humbucker sound more focused. It can make a bridge position pickup sound like a neck pickup or like a pair of pickups in the middle setting.

  • The 1st position reduces the bass, gives a slight boost at about 700Hz, and a cut at about 2000Hz. This setting is useful for making a pickup sound a bit brighter and clearer, like taking a pickup from series to parallel coil wiring. It also makes a neck pickup more useful for leads.

  • The 2nd position gives a boost at about 500Hz, a cut at about 1800Hz and a slight drop in treble above about 4000Hz. It will make a Strat® pickup sound more like a Filter'Tron™.

  • The 3rd position gives a substantial boost at about 400Hz, and a cut around 1200Hz, with a slight rise at about 2100Hz and some treble reduction above about 3900Hz. This setting has a huge effect on the midrange character. It will make a Strat® pickup sound more like a Telecaster® in-between setting.

  • The 4th position gives a boost at roughly 300Hz, a substantial cut at about 800Hz, a slight rise at about 2200Hz and a drop in treble above about 4500Hz. This setting will make a humbucker pickup sound more like the middle setting on a guitar with two P-90 pickups.

  • The 5th position gives a boost around 320Hz, a cut near 1200Hz, a small rise at 2200Hz, and a drop off as the frequencies go up from there. This setting makes most bridge pickups sound like they are in the neck position.

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