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The S Boost has two knobs: Level and Bias.

Level Put simply, this controls the volume of the output signal. Put less simply, it controls the signal attenuation between the first and second amplification stages, so in that sense, it's not really a "volume" control.

Bias Put simply, this controls the "cleanness" or "dirtiness" of the boosted signal. Put less simply, it controls the amount of gain for the second amplification stage.

With Bias all the way clockwise:
In general, you'll hear more of a clean boost, with a slight increase in treble response. Sometimes a little more bass response, depending on what instrument you're using. You'll also notice that the signal strength with Level turned all the way down (counterclockwise) will be close to the strength of the bypassed signal.

With Bias all the way clockwise:
With Level up all the way, sometimes you'll hear a little soft clipping, like a slight touch of overdrive. That tends to happen with lower-wattage amps, like a Fender Blues Jr., for instance. Amps with higher wattages probably won't clip as much with this setting.

You'll also notice that the signal with Level turned all the way down (counterclockwise) is much louder than the bypassed signal.

When the S Boost is running on an external power supply, the input voltage should not exceed 9 to 10 Volts. That's because the S Boost uses an internal voltage doubler (a MAX1044 charge pump, to be exact) that biases the circuit at a little less than twice the supply voltage. So, with a 9-Volt supply, like a battery, the S Boost will be running on ~= 17 Volts. Higher than that could barbecue the poor thing.

The S Boost, like everything from TH Audio, features:

  • True bypass switching
  • Metal film resistors, 1% tolerance
  • Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks (depending on unit and availability)
  • High-quality powdercoating over an aluminum enclosure
  • Heat-treated silkscreened graphics

All TH Audio pedals are handbuilt and tested in the United States of America.

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