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Each Mockba Fuzz pedal is loaded with a pair of Soviet-era GT404B Germanium transistors (see below right), from a batch I got from a guy in Moscow (Russia, not Idaho). By the way, the graphic is from the flag of Moscow: St. George, slaying a dragon. Go St. George!

This gizmo could also be called the Moscow Fuzz, because 'Moscow' looks like 'Mockba' when it's written in Cyrillic script.

The main tweak-o aspect of the Moscow Fuzz is the midrange scoop: counterclockwise notches the midrange in the vicinity of 1kHz, whereas clockwise brings the mids closer to flat. The Level control is useful for adjusting the overall volume, especially if you like the notched midrange sound, since the mid scoop bogarts some of the signal strength. The Volume control is "traditional" in that it's a 500kOhm pot that will cut high frequencies when it's turned counterclockwise.

The GT404B Germanium transistors are socketed. You can try popping other transistors in there if you want to, Silicon or Germanium. Just remember that the tab on the transistor is closest to the hole for the emitter leg of the transistor, the hole beside it is for the base, and the hole on the other side is for the collector.

Like all TH Audio fuzz face units, the output of the Moscow Fuzz can be tailored somewhat by the little blue trimpots on the circuit board. Referring to the interior photo above:

  • The 50kOhm trimpot on the left above the Q1 transistor (the big pill-lookin' thing), in series with the 8.2kOhm resistor underneath Q2, sets the resistance between the collector of Q1 and the voltage supply. Usually, you set it by fiddling with it's not gating, in other words, when you don'thear dead silence without an audio signal. On other hand, if you like a gated sound, you can go for that too.
  • The 10kOhm trimpot on the right, next to the Q2 transistor (the other big pill-lookin' thing), in series with the 4.7kOhm resistor underneath Q2, sets the resistance between the collector of Q2 and the audio output. Too far counterclockwise will give you a weak signal; too far clockwise will give you a very loud and very awful-sounding signal. This trimpot is useful for setting the signal-to-noise level of the audio output, but you'll hear tonal differences in there if you play around with it.

The Mockba GT404B Fuzz, like everything from TH Audio, features:

  • True bypass switching
  • Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks (depending on unit and availability)
  • High-quality powdercoating over an aluminum enclosure
  • Heat-treated silkscreened graphics

All TH Audio pedals are handbuilt and tested in the United States of America.

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