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The Boiled Peanut is designed to be an all-purpose, relatively generic guitar distortion. It's not really for metal, but it will give you a lot of dirt without frying too much. The controls are straightforward: volume, gain, and brightness.

The Boiled Peanut uses an OPA2134 op amp, which is odd for a dirtbox, but Sole Proprietor of TH Audio felt that the 2134 sounded more interesting than a JRC2043 or a TL072 - specifically, the 2134 offers smoother high frequencies and tighter low frequencies.

Possible mod: you could swap out the 2134 for either a 2043 or an 072. Or, you could try just about any dual op amp, provided its pinouts match those of the three previously mentioned. If you do swap out the op amp, be careful with the 2134 - it's static-sensitive, so use a chip-puller tool, and when you handle the chip, make sure you're grounded and don't touch the metal legs. Actually, come to think of it, you should do that with any chip. And in case you're wondering, an LM386 won't work - different pin configuration (sorry, Rat enthusiasts).

The Boiled Peanut Distortion has three knobs:

  • Vol Controls, you guessed it, output volume.
  • Gain Controls the amount of distortion. All the way down will still give you some distortion, because this is a distortion pedal.
  • Bright Controls the high-frequency response.

The Boiled Peanut, like everything from TH Audio, features:

  • True bypass switching
  • Metal film resistors, 1% tolerance
  • Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks (depending on unit and availability)
  • High-quality powdercoating over an aluminum enclosure
  • Heat-treated silkscreened graphics

All TH Audio pedals are handbuilt and tested in the United States of America.

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