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The White Rabbit is a vintage studio line amp in a pedal that comes from the sonic heritage of tape machine playback circuits and console inputs that always seem to both “finish” and enhance tone, punch, color, and clarity by simply patching through them.

The White rabbit has two foot-switchable modes:

  • The unity-gain “Blue” mode with a one-knob “character” control that tones in how open or “tight” the amp sounds.
  • The two knob “red” mode that you can set and “dial” in both the amount and nature of your boost- from more wide open enhancement to a tighter and punchier, almost ‘sagging’, or ‘compression without a compressor” effect at any boost level- small to huge.

The Rabbit itself also breaks up and sings smoothly at extremes in both modes- but mainly, it enhances anything before it and drives the most into anything you put after it- especially when boosting straight into your main amplifier.


  • Built using turrets punched into fiberboard - just like vintage Fender amps 
  • Sounds great on ANYTHING- tracking or re-amping bass, keys, guitar, etc. 
  • Amazing for snare! 100% point to point wired using Switchcraft jacks, NOS transistors and selected parts 
  • True bypass switching Powder coated and hand-painted finish 
  • Handmade in Austin, TX, USA

Electrical Info:

  • High Active Input Impedance (>500k) 
  • Runs on -9V DC / 100mA current draw 
  • Drives Line Input, Instrument Input loads (>10k), drives 600ohm loads with slight attenuation

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