Terratec Producer Sine Warp 9 Midi Analog Multimode Filter


  • A/B
    Switches between program bank A (1-16) and bank B (17-32)
  • Prog
    Selects a program within a given bank
  • Write
    Writes/copies a program
  • Channel
    Selects the global MIDI send/receive channel
  • Mode
    Selects the filter characteristic TP (Lowpass), HP (Highpass), BP (Bandpass) or N (Notch)
  • Select
    Selects the active page within the Modulation 1 section
  • Trigger Source
    Selects source (MIDI/Analog) for envelope and VCA triggering
  • Env Mode
    Selects an envelope mode
  • VCA Mode
    Selects VCA modulation
  • LFO Wave
    Selects LFO waveform
  • LFO Reset
    Selects LFO reset mode
  • Attack
    Sets attack time of the envelope
  • Decay
    Sets decay time of the envelope
  • Sustain
    Sets sustain time of the envelope
  • Release
    Sets release time of the envelope
  • Delay
    Sets onset delay of the envelope
  • LFO Rate
    Sets frequency of LFO
  • LFO Depth
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via LFO
  • Velocity
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via MIDI velocity
  • Key Follow
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via MIDI note on/off
  • Modulation
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via MIDI modulation wheel
  • Trigger Level
    Sets the volume threshold level for analog triggering
  • Env Mod
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via envelope
  • Cutoff
    Sets filter cutoff frequency
  • Resonance
    Sets intensity of filter resonance
  • Volume
    Sets the output volume
  • Distortion
    Switches the distortion effect on/off
  • Bypass
    Switches output between filtered and unaltered input signal



SINE WARP 9 - that's the sound of the 70s with today's technology. TerraTec's multimode filter cleverly enhances the circuitry of the legendary EDP Wasp synthesizer from 1978 with the latest MIDI control and program memory. The heart of the 19" (1U) unit is the VCF with high-pass, bandpass, low-pass and notch modes and an attenuation slope of 12 dB which can be manipulated in many different ways. Envelope and LFO, but also MIDI data such as velocity, note value or modulation wheel can be used to manipulate the filter frequency. The envelope can be triggered via an analog input, the LFO can be synchronized to the MIDI clock - nothing is impossible.

Any changes to the 10 control knobs and 5 buttons on the front panel are output via MIDI and recorded via the sequencer.

Your program settings can be stored in one of 32 memory slots.

  • MIDI-controllable 12 dB filter with resonance
  • Low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and notch filter
  • Volume modulation through VCA
  • Analog trigger input
  • Switchable distortion effect
  • Control positions sent and received via MIDI
  • Filter modulations: LFO, envelope and MIDI combinable
  • 32 program memory slots

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