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The Talent Boost will most definitely bring a new sense of appreciation for boosts pedals. This pedal will tear the roof of when pushed to it’s maximum - Although we don’t recommend trying this, we are sure users will love having this pedal on all the time.

Designed to be used either as a preamp at the beginning of your chain or a clean boost to thicken your signal at the end. At the beginning or the end, this pedal will regain the top end that seems to get lost amongst other effects. Not only will it bring clarity back, it thickens and beefs up the tone. This is achieved via the BS-170 mosfet transistor working to push your amp harder.

Crank this pedal hard enough and it will provide users with a light gain overdrive, but loud enough to make your ears bleed. Plug your guitar (or any effectʼs output) into input jack. Plug the outputs into your amp(s) or other effectʼs input. Set the amp for a warm clean tone on bypass. Turn on the pedal and it’s instant magic.

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