Tech 21 Q\Strip - 4-Band Vintage Console EQ with Parametric Mids


Tech 21

Tech 21 Launches the Q\Strip

The Q\Strip was developed with sophisticated features that harken back to recording console designs of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It’s compact, extremely cost-effective and in an ultra-convenient DI format, so you can take these coveted tone shaping circuits with you, whether you’re heading to a live gig or tracking in the studio or into your DAW.  

The 100% analog MOSFET circuitry in the heart of the Q\Strip provides the warmth, girth and larger-than-life tones for which vintage consoles are revered. There are four bands of pro-audio-quality equalization, two parametric mid bands, as well as high and low shelving filters to give you incredible control over how your instrument cuts through on stage or in a mix, be it for guitar, bass, fiddle, etc.

Features include: HPF cuts unmusical rumble when going direct; LPF rolls off undesirable frequencies, and, in conjunction with the EQ section, can also recreate different speaker cabinet curves so you can go direct with your favorite distortion and effects pedals;  very high input impedance accommodates piezos and handles low impedance sources equally well; XLR, with -20dB pad, is capable to drive mic inputs or power amps; 1/4-inch output with switchable +10dB boost. 

Operable via phantom power, standard 9V alkaline battery (not included), or optional power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC4). Other features include smooth-action custom actuators and all-metal housing.

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