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Which warm-blooded guitar or bass player doesn’t love the exciting, emotional weep of the unmistakable wah wah, that vowel-like cry of countless classic recordings? Nostalgia, however, tends to make us forget some of the shortcomings --excessive noise, a thin strident sound with certain guitars or pickups, and unreliable mechanical construction. The Killer Wail overcomes the classic wah’s faults while preserving the original circuit design. We’ve utilized superior quality switching in a chrome-plated, stomp-proof cast-metal housing held together with a solid bolt. Use your boot to free this Willy for blubber-fat wailing wah.

The Killer Wail is considerably warmer and more “musical” than conventional wahs. Each of the three modes offers a wider, smoother, and more even sweep:

  • HIGH: Moves the wah filter to the high range of the guitar, perfect for leads or funky staccato chords.
  • EXTENDED: Tunes the wah to cover the entire range of the guitar. In this mode, the filter is not so “peaky” and is a good choice with clean guitars when you want a smooth and wide sweep.
  • DEEP: Moves the filter down to accentuate the lower strings of the guitar.

Enhanced Features:

  • Mode Selector Switch: Provides a variety of curves for greater flexibility -- for bass as well as guitar.
  • Humbucking Inductor: Custom wound and potted inductor coil cancels noise and reduces microphonics, while faithfully reproducing the saturation and harmonics of vintage wahs.
  • Bypass Switch: There’s an extra pole to remove the circuit load, which can muddy & weaken the signal.

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