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Tech 21

Tech 21 releases two new Boost Chorus pedals. Derived from the careful study of ‘70s vintage choruses, these pedals combine Tech 21 studio-grade performance with an entertaining, yet cleverly useful, array of never-before-heard sounds. Slapback, echo, flanging and doubling effects are all possible with the Boost Chorus pedals.

The Boost Chorus Bass features a Detune control to adjust the pitch of the choral voices, adding sonic girth to create thick, lush, bass-compatible chorus. While Speed and Depth controls add modulation, you can set them at minimum to preserve the fundamentals. This avoids that queasy, seasick feeling typically associated with traditional chorus pedals when used on bass.

On both Boost Chorus pedals, you’ll find a Multi Voice switch to add dimension and thicken the sound with additional choral voicings. Other shared features include all-analog Mix, Tone and Level controls; Speed and Depth which work in conjunction to control their respective functions of the modulation; Mix control ranges from 0-100% wet; buffered bypass; and a silent-switching, custom footswitch actuator.

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