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Tech 21

Tech 21 releases two new Boost Chorus pedals. Derived from the careful study of ‘70s vintage choruses, these pedals combine Tech 21 studio-grade performance with an entertaining, yet cleverly useful, array of never-before-heard sounds. Slapback, echo, flanging and doubling effects are all possible with the Boost Chorus pedals.

The Pre-Delay control featured on the Boost Chorus adds delay to the chorus effect before mixing it back in. This achieves a wide range of the effect from flange/chorus to standard chorus to chorus/doubler.

On both Boost Chorus pedals, you’ll find a Multi Voice switch to add dimension and thicken the sound with additional choral voicings. Other shared features include all-analog Mix, Tone and Level controls; Speed and Depth which work in conjunction to control their respective functions of the modulation; Mix control ranges from 0-100% wet; buffered bypass; and a silent-switching, custom footswitch actuator.

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