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TC Electronic Trinity Reverb

ProGuitarShop and TC Electronic put their heads together once again and the result; the TC Electronic Trinity Reverb. The Trinity is a collaborative design based on the popular Hall of Fame Reverb from TC Electronic’s Tone Print series.

The entire idea of the Trinity came about when Tore at TC Electronic mentioned that they had a cathedral reverb algorithm for the Hall of Fame that was never used in the production model. This sparked the creative side of Andy and Aaron here at PGS and the idea for the Trinity Reverb was born.

Ethereal 1 (E1)

This setting came about when we decided to push the limits of the EQ settings of the reverbs decay. By doing so, we were able to create a distinct presence of upper harmonic overtones swirling behind the reverb. These overtones hang in the air above the signal like an Aurora Borealis of harmonics, glimmering and shifting about as you play. We did not use any sort of synthesis or octave effects to attain this setting; E1 is pure reverb interacting with itself, bouncing around to create a perceived upper harmony. Your guitar is suddenly transformed into a choir of heavenly harmonies.

Ethereal 2 (E2)

The Ethereal 2 (or E2) setting creates a pulsating helicopter effect. This effect provides a pulsing, throbbing drone behind the note, generating an eerie wall of sound . Like E1 this is also in the background of the reverb but E2 is very dynamic and responsive to pick attack and which strings you’re playing. The low strings tend to have a low end heavy throbbing that transitions to a bubbling brook type of effect when played lightly while the high strings yield more of a swirling, spinning aura behind the reverb effect.

We think these two new presets will present a world of creative spark for anyone that loves to test the limits in their playing and music. From the ghostly, otherworldly to the spinning chopper the all new TC Electronic Trinity Reverb pushes all the boundaries of conventional reverb effects. The Trinity still has a spot for your favorite Toneprint as well as 8 standard presets from the Hall of Fame.

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