TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper


TC Electronic

Flashback Delay & Looper features 7 seconds of delay time and every delay type one could ever wish for – from TC Electronic’s legendary 2290 delay to old-school tape echo. In total, there are 9 different types to choose from, and it even doubles as a looper! Flashback Delay & Looper also features TC Electronic’s audio tapping technology, allowing users to set the delay times by strumming the guitar, and a toggle switch that goes between quarter notes, dotted 8s or stereo with different values left and right.




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7 reviews, average score of 7.07 / 10

2017-03-308/10  ......
2016-02-287/10  ......
2015-12-125.5/10  a lot of things in this little box. i mainly messed with the super long 2290, the reverse, and the looper, just to use as an ambient noiseloop kind of thing which was fun. i ended up passing this one on to the next person because i didn't like the sound or rather the lack of
2015-11-126.5/10  ......
2015-09-128/10  Loads of sounds, quite a bit of control, Toneprints are really cool, not expensive for all its featuresNo presets, TC released alternate versions wth sounds unavailiable for the FB despite advertising they would release the new sounds for free
2015-08-237/10  Very flexible, editable patch slot via USBIt does a lot, including looping, but the tones don't overwhelm. A jack of all trades.
2015-05-247.5/10  ......

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