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A Step Beyond Perfection!

We are proud to present an improved and exclusive ‘iB Modified’ version of our highly-acclaimed Nova Delay pedal. iB Modified refers to a specific modification that elevates this exclusive version of G-System to a whole new level in terms of sonic purity!

In the northern part of Italy, a tech wizard carries out modifications and designs complete guitar effects systems for some of the best guitar players in Europe that center around our guitar effects such as G-System and Nova Delay. His name is Massimo Mantovani, and one of his most popular mods is a Nova Delay input buffer tweak.

Coincidentally, ProGuitarShop in the US, who has previously been working together with us on creating custom PGS TonePrints, enquired if it would be possible to develop an improved version of G-System. The link to Mantovani was obvious!

Therefore, we teamed up with ProGuitarShop and set out to collaborate with Mantovani to develop the ultimate input buffer modification. By changing the analog input design as well as a number of components, a super transparent tone that offers loads of punch and a snappier response has been created for you – and your crowd – to enjoy.

Further, this exclusive, custom-run version is a genuine looker with its new, red finish that will add both class, style and superior delay processing to any pedal board!

Apart from the above improvements, this exclusive edition features the same ultimate versatility and musicality as its predecessor, delivering 6 different stereo delay types and the option to store up to 9 presets customizable by an array of style parameters ranging from vintage tape to digital delay. In other words, this pedal easily serves all delay requirements of modern guitar players who wanna create unique sounds.

Built upon the legacy and knowledge of TC’s world-renowned TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, the Nova Delay iB Modified raises the bar for guitar effect pedals, offering uncompromised studio-quality digital effects in a compact floor-based design.

The Nova Delay iB Modified pedal features 6 different delay types:

  • Delay line
  • Dynamic
  • Reverse
  • Ping-Pong
  • Pan
  • Slap-Back

Each of these types can be modified with a delay style - a unique feature that allows you to mix and match your delay type and style infinitely.

You can apply both single delay and dual delay lines to any type and style using the tap tempo switch or delay time knob to determine the delay time that ranges from 1 to 2290 ms.

Further, you can also apply three different types of modulation (light, medium and heavy) to any of the delay types – a feature originating from the legendary TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay processor.

The Audio Tapping™ technology enables you to set the tempo of the delay by playing a rhythm into the pedal while holding down the tap tempo switch. You can now set the tempo of the delay using your most important asset: Your playing.

Other great features include the ability to choose between ms (milliseconds) and bpm (beats per minute) readout, decide if you want spillover on individual settings and turn global tempo – where tap tempo determines delay time on user presets – on and off.

ND-1 Nova Delay Features:

  • 6 Studio-quality Digital Delay Types
  • Two Switchable Settings – Manual and Preset
  • 9 User Programmable Presets
  • Up to 2290 ms Delay Time
  • Audio Tapping™ - Audio-generated Tap Tempo
  • Modulated Delay
  • Delay Spillover

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