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The PolyTune Mini uses the exact same technology as the popular original PolyTune, showings the tuning state of all strings simultaneously by simply strumming the guitar, allowing guitarists to tune-up and then get back to playing in just a matter of seconds.

Like the original TC Electronic PolyTune, the Mini PolyTune is one of the most precise tuners in the world, tuning with +/- 0.5 cent precision in chromatic mode and +/- 1 cent accuracy in polyphonic mode. The PolyTune Mini automatically switches between chromatic and polyphonic modes depending on whether all strings are strummed at once or each string is picked individually.

The PolyTune Mini features Drop-D and Capo modes as well as True Bypass so your tone won't be affected. Its super-bright LED display with the same amount of LEDs as the original PolyTune makes for easy tuning in varying light conditions.


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5 reviews, average score of 8.1 / 10

2017-10-127.5/10  ......
2015-11-10Noir9/10  Handy and versatile, love it...
2015-06-11V19/10  Tracks nicely and very visible on stage. Easy to use in different tunings and Poly mode....
2014-06-227.5/10  ......
2013-11-017.5/10  ......

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