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Taurus Pedals

Whether you are looking to add some boost to your existing tone or overdrive your sound into the stratosphere, the Taurus Infinity packs a punch! The Infinity is our most popular pedal and has been labeled the most versatile pedal in the Taurus line.

Clean Channel Use:

Set the dials to 12 o'clock, you get a tone that makes for a great chickin' pickin' or blues overdrive.

By adjusting the tone, you get variants of blues and blues rock tones.

By adjusting the gain, you get tones that scream hard rock.

Gain Channel Use:

The Infinity works great for extra bite or as an overdrive for your existing tone! As you increase the gain setting, the bite gets bigger, but the tone remains clear. If you want to cut through the mix, this pedal is going to do it.

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