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From tiled room reverb sounding slap back to longer trippy delays the Taurus Pedals Acid Reflux has got you covered.  An extremely analog sounding delay, very warm and with slow roll off tails it is just waiting to echo whatever you can throw at it.  Up to 600ms of delay and extremely quiet operation.

The Acid Reflux has a very lush sound with thick, rich repeats bearing a lo-fi analog texture (without being too lo-fi). From short slapback echo to long delays, the tone is an old-school/modern mix. One feature that is very modern is the pedal’s extremely quiet operation – it adds no unwanted noise to the signal chain.

Both the Devil Drive and the Acid Reflux deliver high-end boutique tone and build quality – with just enough personality to make them stand apart from the crowded pedal landscape. Â– Phil Feser, Vintage Guitar, October 2016.

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