Taurus White Line Tux Mk-2 - Opto Compressor




Bass compression with parameter control.

The TUX black line compressor/limiter, another effect with mighty Taurus DNA, is engineered for dynamic sound modification. Its four knobs will give you complete control over attack, compression and maximum amplitude. The passive optical system design of TUX's effect will not alter your original sound, making it virtually noiseless. Achieve extraordinarily effective and creative control over you instrument dynamics. It will become your best friend and main tool on stage and studio.


  • Specific dynamics control
  • Noiseless operation
  • True bypass
  • Rugged build quality


  • INPUT − mono 1/4" (jack)
  • OUTPUT − stereo/mono 1/4" (jack)
  • POWER SUPLLY − External 12V/100mA
  • −Internal voltage converter ( 12V to 24V) for greater dynamic range
  • LED − power indicator
  • DEPTH − depth modulation
  • SPEED − speed modulation
  • DETUNE − detune modulation
  • ENHANCER − level of extended polyphony in low frequency range

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