Talos Ass Bite Overdrive



Why another overdrive?

The Ass Bite Overdrive by Talos Instruments:

  • is Quiet
  • is Sensitive to Pickup Output
  • Can be used as an Overdrive or a Clean Boost.
  • is Transparent; when engaged as a clean boost. When used as an Overdrive, it sounds like the same guitar and amplifier, just overdriven.
  • Has True Bypass.
  • Has alot of sustain without lots of hiss and hum.
  • Has an Ass control, which is not just cut or boost, but adds gain way down there in the nether region.
  • Has a Bite control, which if turned up above half way doesn't bite your head off. It just adds undistorted clarity to your chords and notes.
  • Runs on 18 volts, so as a clean boost it can put out three and a half volts to overdrive the front of your amplifier, preferably a Talos Basic, but any amp will sound great with this pedal.
  • Sounds warm and complex even in a solid state guitar amplifier.
  • Can run up to 40 hours on a set of batteries.
  • Designed and made entirely in the USA.

That's why!

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