Talent GT-TUNE TuneUp



Does your guitar tone need a little moreÂ…tone? Talent has you covered, whether you need full-on face-melting distortion or something just a little more subtle. Micro-sized but definitely full-flavored, these little babies will add the special sauce you've been looking for.

The TUNEUP chromatic tuner pedal from Talent makes sure you're always playing in perfect tune, quick, easy, and without cleaning out your wallet! The TUNEUP uses multiple easy-to-read lighted indicators, so there's no guesswork. Red LEDs and a floating point indicator on a blue screen show you if you're sharp or flat; when you're in tune, not only does the center green LED light up, the whole LCD screen turns green. Easy-peasy!


  • Tuning range: 27.5 - 4,168 Hz
  • Precision: +1 cent
  • Power supply (not included): DC 9V center negative (-)
  • Dimensions: 1.77'' W x 1.89'' H x 3.75'' D (45 mm W x 48 mm H x 95 mm D).


  • Easy-to-read chromatic tuner
  • Auto-detects from 27.5 Hz to over 4 kHz
  • High-quality components and construction for long life

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