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The LOOPi looper pedal from Talent brings the popular technique of looping to a price point that's affordable for anyone. In the simplest terms, a ''loop'' is a short musical phrase which is recorded then repeated (looped) over and over, to create an ostinato-type pattern. The intrepid performer (that's you) can use this technique in a live setting, to devastating effect.

With up to ten minutes of recording time, the LOOPi gives you more than you will likely ever need. Unlimited overdubs? Check. So, let's say you're an acoustic guitarist. You know you can thump and smack your guitar around to get some pretty cool percussive sounds, right? Hit the LOOPi, and lay down a good 4- or 8-measure beat. Step on the LOOPi again, and you're in playback mode, so your ''drum track'' will play back in a loop, until you're ready to stop. Hit the LOOPi again, and lay down your rhythm guitar track in overdub mode, just a nice smooth chord progression. OK. Step on the LOOPi yet again to go back to playback mode, and let those two intermingle a little. Ready? Step on the LOOPi one more time to return to overdub mode, and lay down a sweet melody or lead part. Oooh yeah, that's it. Hit LOOPi again, and you're back in playback mode. Enjoy for a minute. Now, you can choose to record another part, like a harmony to your first lead or melody part, or you can simply stay in playback mode and ad lib over the tracks you've created. How easy was that?! You just became a 4-man super-group in about two minutes!

Something else you won't find in every looper, the LOOPi includes USB connectivity, so you can import and export loops between your computer and the LOOPi. Save your favorite loops for later use, or import WAV audio files into the LOOPi for an even deeper mind-blowing performance! Whoo!


  • Maximum recording time: 10 minutes
  • Maximum overdubs: unlimited
  • Power supply (not included): DC 9V center negative (-); 2.1 x 5.5 mm plug
  • Working current: 96 mA
  • Dimensions: 1.65'' W x 2.28'' H x 3.74'' D (42 mm W x 58 mm H x 95 mm D).


  • Easy-to-use looper with overdub
  • Level control for your looped material
  • USB import/export feature

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