Talent GT-EQG Equalizer



Does your guitar tone need a little moreÂ…tone? Talent has you covered, whether you need full-on face-melting distortion or something just a little more subtle. Micro-sized but definitely full-flavored, these little babies will add the special sauce you've been looking for.

The EQUALIZER guitar effects pedal from Talent lets you take total control of your tone, just the way you like it: quick, easy, and without cleaning out your wallet! You'll enjoy ±18 dB across five critical frequency bands to achieve sonic bliss!


  • Input impedance: 470K ohms
  • Output impedance: 1K ohms
  • Power supply (not included): DC 9V center negative (-); 2.1 x 5.5 mm plug
  • Working current: 8 mA
  • Dimensions: 1.77'' W x 1.89'' H x 3.75'' D (45 mm W x 48 mm H x 95 mm D).


  • Set it and forget it 5-band EQ
  • Frequency centers: 100, 250, 630, 1.6K and 4KHz
  • High-quality components and construction for long life

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