TAL Audio Mississippi Dregs Crossroads Fuzz


TAL Audio (2003-2005)

The Mississippi Dregs Crossroads Fuzz is a versatile harmonic overdrive pedal designed for the professional electric guitarist and audio engineer. The fuzz pedal incorporates the critically acclaimed TAL Audio 3-band active EQ and low noise 100% analog circuit design. The Crossroads Fuzz circuitry is post EQ and Drive controls for unlimited overdrive effects. True effect bypass switching ensures that circuit loading is eliminated when the unit is bypassed. The Drive control sets the amount of boost going into the fuzz circuitry and can vary clipping from moderate to heavy saturation. For stage work, the pedal includes an ultra low current LED to indicate effect status.


  • ultra high input impedance for single coil or humbucking magnetic pickups
  • critically tuned, custom voiced 3-band active EQ for all humbucking or single-coil pickups
  • expert engineering for musical overdrive effects and tone enhancement
  • battery powered and 100% analog design for low noise
  • true bipolar dual 9V battery operation for extended headroom
  • Polane® epoxy paint, Neutrik jacks, Panasonic pots, FR-4 fiberglass circuit board and top quality components
  • rugged, lightweight aluminum enclosure with "dillo hide" heavy duty rubber anti-skid foot pad
  • the perfect harmonic overdrive for musical styles from blues to rock and beyond
  • true effect bypass switching with ultra low current LED for effect status
  • black color with white silkscreen
  • expertly hand assembled in the USA
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • LIST PRICE $179

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