TAL Audio Kestrel Wind Acoustic PreQ


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TAL Audio (2003-2005)

The Kestrel Wind Acoustic PreQ is a studio quality, low-noise preamp designed specifically for the needs of the professional acoustic string instrument musician or audio engineer. The preamp is designed with an ultra high input impedance to provide the proper signal interface for piezo as well as magnetic type pickups. 100% analog circuit design provides transparent preamplification and the custom 3-band active EQ circuitry allows for optimum instrument voicing. It was designed to provide an economical solution to acoustical instrument interfacing with both pro and semi-pro recording equipment, instrument amplifiers and direct injection applications. The preamp will greatly improve the fidelity of both magnetic and piezo type pickups. The preamp eliminates the need to physically modify or alter vintage acoustic instruments by providing a high end external preamp in a portable package.


  • ultra high input impedance for piezo or magnetic pickups
  • critically tuned, custom voiced 3-band active EQ for all acoustic stringed instruments
  • expert engineering for transparent preamplification and tone enhancement
  • battery powered and 100% analog design for low noise
  • true bipolar dual 9V battery operation for extended headroom
  • Polane® epoxy paint, Neutrik jacks, Panasonic pots, FR-4 fiberglass circuit board and top quality components
  • rugged, lightweight aluminum enclosure with "dillo hide" heavy duty rubber anti-skid foot pad
  • the perfect direct injection instrument interface box for today's home studio or award winning professional recording suite
  • controls: LO/MID/HIGH/GAIN
  • earth clay color with white silkscreen
  • expertly hand assembled in the USA
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • LIST PRICE $139

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