Takky Drive 2



Takky Drive 2 was the overdrive evolved more practically than Takky Drive. A palm, it was natural and dynamic on the body of size, and the good overdrive sound of an omission was inherited as it was, and enabled a total of six sorts of character changes It can respond with a clean, crunch a lead by this one set. The width of a sound making is expanded and, probably, your play is supported powerfully.


  • BOOST switch built-in
  • 6mode character switch
  • 3PDT foot switch
  • Switch Craft jack of certain connect
  • Original perfect true by-pass
  • 5mm bright LED lamp
  • Socket type JRC 4558D IC
  • Exclusive circuit of original design
  • 30' western electric wire
  • Hammond aluminum case
  • Enameling red color paint

Get one pedal and three different sounds you can have, in all modes give to you outstanding useful sounds. There are switches on the side so it prevents mishandle.

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