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Manfred von Richthofen was a German fighter pilot during World War 1. He was not only a hero, but considered to be the ace-of-aces among all the fighters during his time. He was given the nickname “Red Baron” and he piloted the fighter plane which won more air combat victories than any other pilot.

The Red Baron Overdrive may not perform well at high speeds in mid-air. But it is what we consider to be the ace-of-aces when it comes to overdrive pedals. The Red Baron Overdrive (RBOD) was not designed to mimic the tone of a “famous” amp, or emulate another pedal. Rather, the goal was simply to create a great, natural-sounding overdrive.

The controls:

  • Vol: Adjusts the volume of the RBOD, incredible amount of headroom!
  • Gain: Pushes the RBOD into overdrive, goes from clean to med-high gain. With the gain all the way down, you can use the RBOD as a great clean boost! Also, adjust the “tone” knob to add flavor to your signal.
  • Tone: Go from dark to bright. Dynamic, yet fully usable at both extremes! With the “gain” knob all the way down, you can use the “tone” knob to shape your guitar’s sound. Great for brightening up dark guitars, or warming up bright guitars!
  • Mix: Adjusts the mix of the RBOD with whatever is its the effects loop. (with nothing plugged into the effects loop, this knob will blend in your guitar’s clean signal) see below for more info.

Parallel Effects Loop (“send” & “return” jacks): Put anything in this loop, and the “mix” knob will allow you to blend it in with the RBOD. This is a parallel loop, not a series loop, meaning anything placed within will not be effected by the Red Baron Overdrive. When the “mix” knob is fully clockwise, you will have 100% RBOD, 0% effects loop. When the “mix” knob is fully counter-clockwise, you will have 0% RBOD, and 100% effects loop. When the “mix” knob is in the middle position, you will hear 50% RBOD, and 50% effects loop. Imagine putting another overdrive, or a fuzz pedal in the loop! And with nothing plugged into the loop, the “mix” knob will mix in your guitar’s clean tone.

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