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Since the Goose Fuzz debuted, it’s been getting a lot of love, as well as a lot of suggestions for improvement.

The Chief Goose is the answer to these suggestions.

With the original Goose Fuzz as its base, you can ‘upgrade’ your Goose to ‘Chief’ by adding in various options to increase your tonal palette.

Current Chief Goose options:

  • add Voltage Starve (toggle switch / knob): simulate a dying battery.. get sputtery, velcro-ey tones out of a starving goose.
  • add Octave Synth (toggle switch): flip the switch and turn the Goose’s “Oct” knob into a “Synth” knob.
  • add Expression Out (exp jack): allows you to plug in an expression pedal to gain control over one knob of your choice! (different expression pedals will react differently based on which parameter you wish to control, email me if you want details).
  • add Gain Saturation (knob): add a knob to control the amount of overall clipping.
  • add Tone (knob): add a variable low-pass filter to tame the treble.

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