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Ahab Fuzz

In honor to the mentally unstable and extremely adamant captain of the Pequod, this pedal packs the wrath of the restless sea inside a compact metal box. Built point-to-point on a high grade turret board, with components of the highest quality, this fuzz could probably take on a nuclear war and keep on fuzzing.

Instead of the usual fuzz pot, the Drown control gives you the ability to either unleash Ahab's full potential, or limit the ingoing signal for a smoother, mellower fuzz. When you have dialed in the desired amount of wreckage, use the Volume control to reach unity gain or give your amp a bit of a boost. Using the Burn pot, you can cut the high end if you need a darker tone.

With high output humbuckers, Ahab delivers full and rich fuzz perfect for down tuned doom and stoner rock while retaining enough mids to make your guitar cut through. With single coil pickups, Ahab has a very wide scale of tones that can be dialed in with your guitar's volume pot. Rolling the volume down cleans the signal up, giving a really nice crunch on top of the clean tone, while playing with full volume delivers full-on fuzz dirt.

Dimensions: 120 x 95 x 30 mm (excluding knobs, switch and jacks)

Power: 2,1mm 9V DC, center negative (no battery option!)

Current draw: Approx. 3,5mA 

Price: 125.00€ plus shipping (Finland 7.90€, Europe 20.00€, rest of the world 30.00€)

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