This1smyne Effects (T1M)


    This1smyne Effects is run by Dan Burgess. The company is located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

    Timeline (by Dan Burgess)

    • Summer 2006: started modding/repairing effects
    • Jan 2007: starting some more creative 'mini' type builds
    • Summer 2007: officially became "This1smyne Effects"
    • Fall 2007: the Pearl was born
    • Spring 2008: first international store stock order (Mini Buffers)
    • Spring/Summer 2009: Website launch (had been doing business through word of mouth and contact to this point)
    • Fall 2009: felt the calling to tentmaking/missional ministry
    • Winter 2010: Stopped working at the church and went fulltime with This1sMyne Effects with the mission to have kingdom impact on the community of worshiping musicians
    • Summer 2010: Landed a T1M unit on every continent on the planet (South-Africa was the last to jump on board)
    • Summer 2011: Relationship begins with Trailer Trash Pedalboards, Guitar Player magazine coverage
    • Fall 2011: stopped taking 1-off mods/build requests thanks to the added chaos of Baby Mia (9-26-11)

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