Synthesis Technology MOTM-480 CS-80 Resonant Filter


  • Freq LP
    controls the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter
  • Res LP
    controls the resonance of the low-pass filter
  • Freq HP
    controls the cutoff frequency of the high-pass filter
  • Res HP
    controls the resonance of the high-pass filter
  • In 1
    controls the level of input 1
  • In 2
    controls the level of input 2
  • In 3
    controls the level of input 3
  • FM
    controls how much FM influences the filter cutoff frequency


Synthesis Technology

The MOTM-480 VCF is configured as a super bandpass filter with independent corner frequencies and resonant peaks, similar to the legendary CS-80 configuration. This module can create distinctive pad and brass timbres. Built-in audio mixer can filter any audio source! Expansion connector for future configurations!

  • Contains Dual Resonant State-Variable VCFs with CS-80 specific characteristics
  • Cascaded HP & LP Filters with lowpass (LP) and bandpass (BP) outputs
  • Independent Cutoff Frequency
  • Independent Resonance
  • Three Audio Ins with Level
  • Voltage Controlled Resonance
  • 5U high x 2U wide

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