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The Fuzz Face Clone is a vintage guitar effect-a-philes dream. Get that late-60's early 70's fuzz tone made famous by Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend and other guitar gods! The PCB is set up to add a stomp box switch with ease and true bypass. The PCB has a detailed screen print that shows you exactly where and how to place even polarized components. Shred!


  • 3 controls - Fuzz, Level, and Trim - to tweak your tone.  Fuzz sends your tone from subtle to razor blades and Level adjusts your output level for boosts.  On-board trip pot lets you adjust your output transistor bias level for a variety of new Fuzz tones!
  • PCB designed for use with NOS AC128 PNP Germanium transistors just like the original
  • 3PDT switch allows for true bypass switching and LED indicator gives you a visual cue when your circuit is engaged and using power
  • Dual power supplies (9V Battery and +9VDC =>200mA Center Positive DC Adapter Power Supplies) allow you to have the battery as backup or as the main power
  • Input jack switching - No instrument cable plugged in, no power used.  Save life on your expensive batteries!
  • PCBs are professionally manufactured in the USA by Imagineering, based out of Elk Grove Village, IL, and designed here at Synthrotek.  PCB silkscreen, through-hole components with careful on-board placement, and wire-tension relief holes were designed with the DIYer in mind!
  • PCB Dimensions: 2.0" x 1.5"

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