Synthmonger Pulsemonger Mk I


  • Input
    Guitar, modular synth, toy, etc. plugs in here.
  • Output
    This goes to your mixer or amplifier.
  • LFO Modulation
    Controls the amount in which the triangular LFO modulates both channels. If this knob is fully CCW the rate knob have no effect on the sound.
  • LFO Rate
    Controls the rate or speed of the LFO. .5hz-100hz about 1 cycle per 2 seconds to about 100 cycles per 1 second.
  • Pulsewidth A
    Fully CCW = 99% pulsewidth fully CW = 1% pulsewidth.
  • Pulsewidth B
    Fully CCW = 50% pulsewidth fully CW = 1% pulsewidth.
  • Volume
    Controls both channels level.


  • Pulsewidth CV A
    Stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for the A width. Voltage range is +/- 5V. This 1/4" jack is connected to CV B. Inserting a cable to CV B input will separate the connection.
  • Pulsewidth CV B
    Stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for the B width. Voltage range is +/- 5v
  • 9VDC Input
    Center negative 9VDC power adapter input.



The Pulsemonger Mk1 converts any signal into two variable pulse waves. Both pulse waves have internal width control via the width knobs, the on board triangular LFO, and/or the external cv inputs. You can shape the sound of your guitar to synth-like chorus effects, synth-muff fuzz, nasally fuzz, and much more!

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