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Syndromet FX produces two very similar pedals, named Divine Boost and Pest Control. The pedals are based on a 1966 Range Master, but with a few modifications. First of all, the circuit is placed in a pedal instead of being a box meant to be placed on top of the amplifier. Second, we don’t use the old Mullard transistors they used back in the day.Instead we use new old-stock Russian military spec transistors from the early 1980s. This is done simply because the Russian transistors are a lot more stable than the old Mullards, and sounds just as good. Divine Boost and Pest control use different transistors. The transistor in  Pest Control have about 1,5 x the gain of the Divine Boost.

Other difference from the original circuit is that Divine Boost and Pest Control have a switch to select the frequencies to be boosted. They also feature circuitry to eliminate a popping sound when you switch them on.

The pedals are built with turret boards, like vintage amplifiers were. They are true bypass, and feature a blue led for indicating if it’s on or off. The pedals are built with metalized polyester capacitors and carbon film resistors. The pedals use only the highest quality parts, and are built inside a ridged aluminum enclosure. The graphics are etched into the metal.

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