Swell Pedals G-Valve - Mid-Gain Drive for Guitar



Swell Pedals about v1

The G-Valve is yet another variation of our popular SWELL TONE CIRCUIT for Guitar with a Vacuum Tube for the ultimate in a compact and easy to use effect pedal.

The G-Valve's Class-A circuit produces tones with a classic British flavour so real that you would swear we had squeezed an amp inside this box.

At home, in the studio or on a gig you can now enjoy true Tone with an attitude at any volume level thanks to SWELL.

The G-Valve…it's only Rock-n-Roll and you'll love it.


  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • SWELL Tone Circuit
  • Class-A High Voltage TUBE(12AX7) Drive Designed for Guitar
  • Vari-Drive Level Selectable via Footswitch
  • Controls: Drive 1 / Drive 2 / Bass / Treble / Level
  • Tuned Amp Out
  • True-Bypass Footswitching
  • Top-Mounted Jacks
  • 12vac 1000ma Power Supply

SWELL Pedals are made in the USA of the finest materials available:

  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Ceramic Tube Socket
  • 3PDT True-Bypass Switching
  • Diecast Aluminum Enclosure with Interlocking Lid (provides complete RF shielding)
  • Phenolic Knobs
  • Tough Powder Coated Finish
  • And More

Swell Pedals about v2

Mix just the right amount of upper-end chime with full, throaty lower-mids and you have the G-Valve's recipe for TONE in a compact and easy to use mid-gain push-drive pedal from SWELL.

Add to that Classic British mid-range voicing so real that you would swear we had squeezed an amp inside this box.

As with all SWELL drives the Valve has smooth natural compression, rich complex overtones and still remains fundamentally transparent.

Select between Drives 1 & 2 for the just the right amount of gain and the NEW Boost remote jack (another SWELL 1st) gives you unparalleled control of your signal level with any simple latching on/off footswitch.

All of this while remaining dead-quiet even with the output level control maxed out!

From your home Studio to the stage cranked amp tone and feel at any volume level via Amp and/or Record outs.

The G-Valve…it's only Rock-n-Roll and you'll love it.

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