Swell Pedals G-Max - High Gain Drive for Guitar


Swell Pedals

Tight, aggressive and with a modern voice the G-Max is a compact and easy to use high-gain push-drive pedal from SWELL.

With focused lows in addition to a smooth, clear top-end the Max easily muscles amps over the edge and into submission.

Fundamentally transparent and with just the right amount of natural compression the G-Max recreates the complex overtones found in classic tube amps.

Select between Drives 1 & 2 for the just the right amount of gain and the NEW Boost remote jack (another SWELL 1st) gives you unparalleled control of your signal level with any simple latching on/off footswitch.

All of this while remaining dead-quiet even with the output level control maxed out!

From your home studio to the stage cranked amp tone and feel at any volume level via Amp and/or Record outs.

The time is right to Max your TONE with the G-Max!

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