Swaptronics Rangemaster



This is a hand-made Rangemaster pedal circuit in a Pro metal case.

The Dallas Rangemaster is one of the most famous treble boosters of all time. It is known for a very sweet sound, not harsh or shrill like other treble boosters. This is due to the fact that a germanium transistor was used as opposed to silicon transistors that newer designs use.

I have cloned this famous design with high-quality components and quality hand-built construction.

This pedal has precision metal film resistors, alpha pot, DPDT footswitch with true bypass switching. Mylar caps and quality electrolytics throughout. Has NOS SFT-322 high hat metal can Germanium transistor with proper gain (hfe).

Power turns on when you plug the input cable of your guitar into unit.

Housed in Hammond 1290 Pro Metal case. 2nd picture is what pedal circuit looks like inside.

The pedals are tested, calibrated, and include new 9V battery and build schematic.

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