Swaptronics Fuzz Face




This is a point-to-point wired, Arbiter BC-108 Fuzz pedal circuit clone.

  • (2) BC-108 NPN metal can silicon transistors mounted on gold plated sockets.
  • DPDT footswitch with true bypass switching circuit.
  • Point-to-point soldered construction with pure copper wire.
  • Neutrik input and output jacks
  • Alpha pots, Davies black knobs, mylar capacitor on output, quality electrolytics, and carbon film resistors throughout.
  • Transistors are matched for proper gain (hfe).
  • Includes a 20K internal bias pot to properly adjust the bias voltage of Q2 to +4.5 V DC for optimal tone and picking dynamics.
  • Has Boss style 9V 2.5mm power jack (center post is ground).
  • Tone and picking dynamics are identical to vintage Arbiter England Fuzz Face.
  • Housed in a Hammond 1290 unpainted aluminum enclosure with rubber feet.

This is a professional-grade build and your chance to have one of the most popular fuzz pedals of all time.

This pedal can produce some completely saturated fuzz that is capable of slipping into feedback with ease if you crank it up loud enough.

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