SuperKing M.S.P. - Monkey Steals Peach



The original noise-making insanity box from The SuperKing Guitar Pedal Company.

Violently unpredicatable! Use your old pedals to create a cacophany of squeals, drones and oscillating craziness. The Monkey Steals Peach! is quite unlike any other pedal you've ever heard.

Inspired by the Legendary Death By Audio - Total Sonic Annihilation

Probably the most mental pedal on the planet and one of our personal favourites, New York noisemaking at it's very best.

Experimentation Is Key

The MSP! works in conjunction with pedals placed in it's effects loop. Different pedals have wildly different reactions to the Monkey Steals Peach! and experimentation is key. Analague pedals work best, flangers and phasers are our favourite though no pedal will react as you'd expect it to. The MSP! will bend your sound in ways you didn't think possible creating washing soundscapes, piercing squeals, 8-bit beeping distortion and everything in between.

True Bypass

The Monkey Steals Peach! is passive in your signal chain so it won't suck your tone when it's not engaged.

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