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The Apollo Deluxe Fuzz is our flagship pedal. This muff-style fuzz packs heaps of gain into a small, pedalboard-friendly enclosure. With the "Mids" knob, It's simple to dial in exactly where you want your fuzz tones to sit in the mix. Selectable clipping diodes further increase tonal options with stock silicon and grittier LEDs. The Apollo is available in 4 classic muff circuits, each with a unique flavor of fuzz to suit your needs! New screen-printed and powder-coated enclosures!

All Sunset Effects are true bypass, operate on 9v center-negative (Boss Style) 2.1mm power supplies, and are Handmade with the best parts available in Jacksonville, Florida!

The Apollo Deluxe Fuzz has a mids knob and clipping switch and comes in 4 versions: 

  • Triangle
  • Violet (violet ram's head)
  • Civil War
  • Green (green russian).

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