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a 1966 Sunda brochure about the v1

The FUZZ SOUND creates the new sound popular in today's music. Can be used with any amplifier.

The FUZZ SOUND is a compact unit made of break-resistant plastic. Operates from readily available transistor radio batteries. Input is controlled by GAIN and FUZZ. 9 volt transistor radio batteries included.

Size: 3" high, 4" wide, 6 1/4" deep.

There are 2 models of Sunda Fuzz Sounds:

  • Version 1 had 2 knobs and was made in a bakelite box, around 10 of these pedals were built in 1966.
  • Version 2 had only 1 knob and had a metal housing. Probably less than 50 of those were made in 1967 (the pot date on the v2 model in the pictures was the 14th week of 1967.

It's an original design, as money was tight they couldn't afford to buy other pedals.

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