Sunda was an amplifier company from Westminster, California.

    In 1955 Gary Sunda had built a tube audio amplifier for a school project and received good comments about it from his teacher. He got interested in Ham Radio and music and learned to play guitar from a friend and in the early 60's he built several guitar amplifiers for himself when he played with The Escorts and from 1962-63 with The Vara-Tones, a band playing high energy surf rock in the style of Dick Dale, The Ventures,... (they reunited in the 90's and still record together!).

    Around 1964 Gary moved to Westminster where his wife had a job as a teacher so he left his job at JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There he started building amplifiers customized to the requests of his clients (he didn't understand why they wanted his amps instead of Fenders, but they wanted custom made amplifiers) and he founded Sunda Amplifiers, making mostly solid state amps.

    There were about 12 people working at the company. They had their own wood shop, etched and drilled their printed circuit boards and made their chassis. The electronic assembly and production was over 5000 square feet.

    In 1968 there was no money to continue as a lot of dealers bought amps but didn't pay in time, so the company had to be closed. Gary and his wife started a new company: Orange Country Speaker Repair.

    Later that year Don Randall asked Gary to have lunch, where Don talked about his plans to start his own company. After that Gary didn't hear from Don for about one and a half year, but in 1970 Randall was founded and Gary Sunda became Vice President of Engineering until 1990 when Randall was sold to Washburn.

    Thanks to Gary Sunda for his time and information!

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