Suhr Mini Riot - Distortion



Today, pedal board real estate comes at a premium especially when traveling. And let's face it, sometimes having to choose which pedals to leave off of your board can really limit your versatility.

Well not anymore. Introducing the Riot Mini. The Riot Mini has inherited all of the Classic Hi-Gain DNA of it’s larger sibling, only now it’s harnessed in a smaller more compact pedal board friendly design. 

Small but mighty and heavily equipped with Distortion, Tone and Level Controls, a 2-Position Voicing switch, True Bypass, an On/Off Effect Status Indicator and housed in a road-worthy powder coated die-cast enclosure for years of reliable performance that the original Riot was built upon. Oh, and did we mention that it can can be powered via any -9Vdc power supply? It can.

Say goodbye to having to choose. Feel free to add one more…Your Pedal Board Just Got Bigger.


  • Classic Hi-Gain Riot Tone DNA
  • Compact, Pedal Board Friendly Design
  • 2-Position Voice Switch (Diodes/LED)
  • Distortion, Tone & Level Controls
  • True Bypass
  • On/Off LED Status Indicator
  • Powder Coated, Die-Cast Enclosure 
  • Powered by any -9Vdc power supply


  • Tone - Shapes the overall tonal response of the pedal – from smooth and warm to cutting lead tones.
  • Voice switch - The voice switch selects the two most popular diode selections from the original Riot.
  • Level - Adjusts the output volume of the pedal. Riot mini provides enough volume to push the front end of any tube amp into natural overdrive.
  • Distortion - Adjusts the amount of gain added to your tone, taking you from classic crunch to high gain heaven.

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